April 20, 2018

Informs 2018 Business Analytics Conference Resources

Over the years, we have attended and sponsored the INFORMS Business Analytics Conference.  INFORMS’s, The Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences, the original focus was operations research – highly specialized groups focusing on solving complex financial and logistical challenges with statistics, optimization, and simulation.  In the past two years – with the rise of Big Data and Machine Learning – INFORMS has evolved to include analytics and data science.

This year we had the opportunity to conduct a workshop with a group of analytics and data science leaders.  The topic of this discussion was Building an Analytics Center of Excellence. The audience was very engaged as we discussed the role people, process, technology, governance and ROI play in developing ACoE’s in Fortune 2000 organizations.

We record this workshop to share the discussion with a broader user community.  I hope you enjoy.


Watch the Video