February 12, 2020


Pursuing a career in the relatively new field of data analytics can be incredibly rewarding. Still, there is one big decision that all candidates need to address if they want to be analytics consultants.

Would joining a smaller niche company provide more opportunities and a better lifestyle than a job at a big firm?

I spent the first decade of my career as a media analyst for TV networks. In 2019, I decided to make a radical change and leave the corporate world to join WebbMason Analytics as an analytics consultant. 

Here are my top five reasons why I’m glad I moved from a big corporation to a small, niche data analytics consultancy:

1. Everyone Matters

In a small company, doing your job well has a direct impact on the company’s success. 

Whether the business has a handful or a few hundred employees, you get a higher level of visibility with leadership than your corporate counterparts could ever dream of. In a small business, your opinions and contributions matter and so does your work.

2. Personalized Career Development

Finding the best people is always essential, but it has a greater significance at a small consultancy where you may be the only person with your specific skills or you are required to do your job with little supervision. 

When an organization like WebbMason Analytics hires you, it has a vested interest in you and your professional growth. Growing highly skilled talent is one of the best ways for a data analytics consultancy to expand and serve its client base. 

From mentoring and coaching to training support, smaller organizations have the flexibility to make sure your professional development aligns with your specific interests and needs.

 3. You Can Make a Difference to the Bottom Line

Small companies need their consultants to be self-motivated and able to take responsibility for the accounts and projects they own. Not only does this provide immense opportunities for individuals to make a real contribution, but it also means everything you do is highly visible. 

Making a visible impact allows you to lay the foundations for promotion and career advancement.

 4. Friends, Family and Coworkers

In a small organization like WebbMason Analytics, it is easy to make friends and feel like you are part of the family. When you work with people you care about, you have a sense of responsibility for your work, the team and the company. 

As a bonus, by collaborating hand-in-glove with people who have different areas of expertise, you develop a competent understanding of other disciplines. For instance, I’ve gained a deeper knowledge of data science since joining the company.

 5. Company Culture

WebbMason Analytics is a transparent, professionally inspiring and flexible workplace that encourages all its employees to strive for the right work/life balance and career fulfillment. The company leadership trusts each employee to have a high sense of personal responsibility, whether we are working at a client’s office, conducting duties from home or wish to take some personal time off. 

To facilitate the development of the kind of strong internal relationships that aid collaboration, the company frequently orders lunch for everyone. 

In addition, it fosters transparency and a feeling of ownership with a quarterly all-hands meeting.  Remote consultants fly in to join the head office staff for an all-day meeting to discuss company issues and opportunities. The event culminates with a team-building event that encourages collaboration. 

Working for a small business provides analytics consultants with a level of visibility and range of opportunities that are often difficult to find at a big firm. I’ve found the pace of work dynamic, the chance to advance my knowledge exciting and I like seeing how my work makes a difference. 

If you are considering a career move, small firms have a lot to offer!