At WebbMason Analytics, we specialize in evolving Fortune 2000 organizations from traditional business intelligence to advanced analytics.

Market Disrupters are Data Driven

Established organizations with legacy technology are facing a new kind of competition as companies such as Uber, Waymo, Warby Parker, Casper, AWS and Google’s sister company Verily (which brings a data-driven approach to health insurance) enter and disrupt markets.

These new organizations are driven by real-time data. They track and analyze everything from dynamic changes in competitor pricing to customer behaviors and internal operations using advanced computing devices such as wearable technology and telematics. Access to this wealth of real-time, predictive information makes them smart, nimble and dynamic.

Established Enterprises Need Advanced Analytics to Compete

We believe that data-centric operations are essential for future success and the ability to extract knowledge and insights from data is a critical component of success. It is our mission to help established enterprises embed advanced analytics into the hearts of their organizations.

End-to-End Strategy, Tactics and Execution

Unlike many management consultancies that just develop strategies, WebbMason Analytics is expertly equipped to design, deliver and implement complete solutions. In fact, our data engineering team has deployed big data analytics platforms that source data from hundreds of systems.

Our tight-knit, multidisciplinary team of data analytics experts includes analytics consultants, analysts, architects, data engineers and scientists.

Facilitating Organizational Change

Legacy organizations need more than technology and data scientists to capitalize on the full promise of advanced analytics, so we also support restructuring, changes in internal processes and the talent development clients need to build their own analytics team.

Whether we are specifying or implementing the latest technology platforms or data science models, our approach is transparent and aimed at helping, educating and motivating our stakeholders in the c-suite, the analytics department, the IT department and other business units.

History of WebbMason Analytics

WebbMason Marketing acquired Spry, Inc. in 2015 and WebbMason Analytics was born.

Spry, Inc. was founded in January 2008 by Brooke Jones to innovate analytics and data integration technologies and methodologies for the Department of Defense which needed to integrate data across systems and agencies.

It was not long before the commercial benefits of these new technologies and methods became apparent for enterprise applications. Today, our client list includes organizations in transportation, healthcare, retail, finance and insurance. We participate annually in the INFORMS Business Analytics Conference, partner with leading-edge analytics software companies such as Dataiku, and we are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.