A solution for communications, development, and documentation

WebbMason’s agile Analytics Development Lifecycle is a proven system that delivers continuous business value for the entire life of an analytics project.

After more than a decade working with enterprises at different stages of analytics maturity, we have seen this approach accelerate the value contribution of an analytics group.

We help enterprises formalize their ad hoc analytics process into a standard, agile process that delivers value-based solutions business leaders can trust. This methodical approach covers project planning through deployment and maintenance. It ensures data is thoroughly validated, and that resources are used efficiently.

The benefits of implementing an Analytics Development Lifecycle include:

  • A roadmap for projects that makes effective use of limited resources.
  • Effective communications across groups such as IT, security, and data, as well as various business units and the cross-functional analytics team.
  • Efficient and transparent project management.
  • Consistency, efficiency, reuse, and sustainability through standard, repeatable procedures.
  • Development of formal documentation to support extensibility and operations.
  • Ongoing focus on ROI generation.

Communications Tools

Unlike the waterfall development process, an agile process is iterative. It allows the analytics team to adjust and revisit project scope as they clarify needs, make discoveries and explore details.

To facilitate this highly collaborative communication between the analytics team and client stakeholders, WebbMason utilizes a suite of tools by Atlassian.



A productivity tool that allows you to plan projects including tasks and tickets.



A platform where teams can collaborate to create, organize and publish project documents in a central location.

Jira Service Desk


An easy way for stakeholders and users to report bugs and other problems to WebbMason developers.



A team communication tool that integrates with Jira. Discussions can be organized into channels and chats. All files, calls, and messages are searchable.

Standardized Development Process

Based on the standard Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), our agile Analytics Development Lifecycle has been adapted for analytics projects.

From the continuous collaboration with business stakeholders to dealing with large quantities of data to handling systems integration and customization, WebbMason Analytics has expanded the agile process to accommodate the specific nuances of analytics projects.

Adopting a standard process offers enterprises a wide range of benefits including:

  • Project planning templates to help estimate costs and resources.
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RACI) chart templates to clearly define roles and responsibilities.
  • A top-down view that ensures projects offer value to all relevant departments.
  • Checks and balances to make certain a project’s capabilities are scalable and reusable across business units.
  • Documentation to prevent the need to re-engineer old artifacts.
  • Reliable production capabilities through the inclusion of automated data validation, quality assurance, testing, and deployment.