Structures and Stratagies for Success

WebbMason Analytics has been guiding enterprises through their analytics evolution for more than a decade.

From building a viable analytics organization structure to developing a use case strategy, we’ve helped our clients not just avoid pitfalls but also accelerate their analytics capabilities and evolve their businesses.

Establishing an analytics organization

An enterprise’s analytics group or analytics center of excellence is responsible for enabling, governing, facilitating and promoting the use of analytics across the organization.

We assist clients in building the foundation to support analytics and data-driven decisions. This foundation includes:

Turning business questions into analytics opportunities

Historically, when a business leader approached IT with a pressing business question such as ‘Why is revenue falling when my customer base is bigger than ever?’, a business analyst ran a report.

At WebbMason Analytics we translate the problem into specific analytic capabilities. So, we might want to take customer sentiment, product reformulations, and other relevant data into consideration and develop automated, predictive capabilities.

Brooke Jones
Partner, Founder
WebbMason Analytics

Pressing business questions are almost always related to a high-level pain point:

WebbMason Analytics consultants and experts engage with business stakeholders across silos and departments to translate these business needs into specific analytics capabilities. This takes not just business acumen but also an understanding of statistical modeling, machine learning and the technologies that drive advanced analytics.

For every project, we do:

  • Quick studies of pressing business problems.
  • Assess the feasibility of an effective analytics solution to the question.
  • Put forward a fully costed business case.
  • Determine clear ROI for a project.
  • Manage a capabilities backlog and prioritize projects for execution.