WebbMason Analytics goes beyond strategic plans, advice and slide decks.

We take responsibility for the end-to-end planning and execution of the technology that powers big data programs and your analytics Center of Excellence.

Here are some of the ways we do this:

  • Clarifying business requirements.
  • Selecting suitable technology.
  • Developing the infrastructure and programs.
  • Data migration.
  • Implementation and activation.
  • Facilitating adoption within your organization by training employees and refining processes.

What Technology Makes up Analytics Platform?

Advanced analytics requires specialized tools and massive amounts of processing power to store and process data so it can be mined for insights and generating reports.

The platform is made up of many technology layers. These include:

Business Intelligence

Standardized reporting and dashboard tools that enable analysts and business stakeholders to access the latest data and generate valuable insights and reports quickly.

As the data never leaves the platform, it is always secure.

Data Access

Programming for interactive queries using powerful processing tools.

Data Engineering & Data Science

A workbench for exploring data. Techniques include modeling, large-batch processing and the deployment of machine learning.

Data Storage

Inexpensive cloud storage for structured and unstructured data.

Mirroring data on the cloud protects your operations data from accidental modifications and performance outages.

Development Operations

Governance, monitoring and auditing of data to verify and ensure accuracy.

Code Lifecycle Management

Continuous integration and analytics deployment.

Developing Solutions

The platform experts at WebbMason Analytics have implemented solutions for Fortune 2000 enterprises across health care, retail and other industries.

While the problems and needs have differed enormously, we have noticed that business drivers for most enterprises fall into one of the following categories:


Organizations ready to move up from legacy mainframes, data warehousing, and retrospective reporting to cloud technologies that can generate predictive insights.


Enterprises wishing to replace on-premises systems with more modern and cost-effective cloud technology solutions.


Businesses looking to use advanced analytics to provide decision makers with specific insights.

Whether the business unit needs to track fluctuations in competitor pricing, implement on-demand inventory control or identify fraudulent claims, an analytics platform can offer the flexibility, processing power, and data accessibility to provide the answers.

Prebuilt Accelerators

WebbMason Analytics’ multidisciplinary team of data scientists, engineers, and architects ensure data is clean, secure, and managed in an integrated workflow.


We build robust security into every platform to make sure your data does not fall into the wrong hands.

The analytics platform security suite comprises three key parts:

  • Authentication using usernames and passwords.
  • Authorization and permissions.
  • Encryption to secure information during storage and access.

Data Ingestion Pipeline

Secure and customizable data ingestion that includes auditing, monitoring, and validation.

Data Governance Framework

Predefined user roles and policies for auditing, compliance, encryption and more.

Analytics DevOps Framework

Amazon Web Services (AWS) account structure for seamless deployment from development to production. Prebuilt templates (AWS CloudFormation and Ansible) automate the deployment of critical analytics infrastructure.