WebbMason Analytics provides the technical expertise enterprises need to uncover business-critical trends only noticeable when you process large quantities of data.

Our approach, which is adaptable and flexible, has been matured over more than a decade to deliver value from the start.

We strive for short-term wins, but we never lose sight of the enterprise’s long-term vision.

Strategic projects increasingly require access to data, metrics, and insights. We’ve got the IT and data science skills to work with databases, develop complex queries, and gain the perspective you need to make good decisions.

Versatile Interdisciplinary Resources

Each member of the WebbMason Analytics team is an expert in their field. Together we have a deep understanding of data engineering and data science methods, advanced analytics tools and technology, and cloud infrastructure and services.

Our multidisciplinary technical team includes:

  • DevOps software engineers and cloud architects to design and integrate systems and platforms.
  • Data engineers who can create data pipelines to gather, store, clean, and transform data.
  • Data scientists to develop algorithms that generate insights.
  • Data analysts and analytics consultants to expose insights through reports and visualizations that support strategic planners and decision makers.

Diverse Project Types

Over many years of working with Fortune 2000 enterprises, we’ve implemented hundreds of analytics projects in health care, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, and other industries.

  • Customer 360s and projections.
  • Competitor pricing predictions.
  • Strategic hiring plan risk mitigation.
  • Customer churn analysis.
  • Loyalty program adoption and effectiveness forecasts.
  • On-demand manufacturing schedule planning.
  • Cash management forecasting.
  • Fraud, waste, and abuse detection.
  • Staffing optimization.

We also support architecture, design, and implementation of analytics platforms and components including:

  • Distributed data processing platforms such as Hadoop, EMR, Spark, etc.
  • Cloud adoption.
  • Selection of analytics workbench tools.
  • Knowledge management for unstructured content.
  • Data ingest frameworks for batch and streaming.
  • Data science technologies.
  • IoT platforms.

Time Frames to Fit Your Needs

Some projects are important while others are urgent. Just a few qualify as both. We understand that some things need to be addressed quickly.

WebbMason Analytics has:

  • The internal process in place to resource and start projects quickly.
  • The subject matter expertise to plan cost-effective analytics projects to fit your budget.

Todd Jones, our chief analytics officer is available by appointment to discuss your project, how soon we can begin work and how long it will take.