Tackle priorities while grasping the big picture.

As data and analytics enter the forefront of decision-making, you must act and evolve. Evolving can be painful, incomplete and costly if you don’t have a clear, comprehensive framework. WebbMason Analytics has developed the Tactical Framework for Analytics Delivery and Management: a holistic, three-pillar approach for optimizing ROI from all analytics initiatives. It is agile, duplicable, and fits all scenarios to accelerate your analytics evolution.

Our flexible approach advances analytics evolution regardless of current analytics maturity. This comprehensive framework allows you to tackle immediate priorities and, at all times, grasp the big picture. This approach enhances your skills, processes, technologies, and previous investments. You can choose to execute this framework holistically or select the specific areas that need immediate attention.

The activities in this framework begin with strategic transformational goals. Through a series of strategic deliverables, you advance analytics maturity. The outcome is a transformation of analytics as a cost center to analytics as an ROI machine.

When evolving analytics maturity, data and technology are only half the challenge.  Developing a culture of analytics excellence, with the organization structure, skill sets, and focus on ROI and value, is the other half.  This cultural evolution is what allows organizations to transform insights into action.

Combined with an organization structure that fosters analytics development and business engagement, WebbMason Analytics’ holistic framework advances the analytics culture through enhanced agile development processes, skills and culture assessments, and processes that define, track and measure ROI across all analytics initiatives.

There is no single technology that provides all the tools an analytics organization requires.  With advances in Big Data, cloud computing, and data science technologies, selecting the tools that work for your team and your business can be an overwhelming task.  Addressing the concerns of IT, security, governance, and business stakeholders is not easy.

WebbMason Analytics has the operational expertise to held you design, select, and implement an Analytic Platform complete with Big Data capabilities, cloud computing infrastructure, and Data Science solutions.  We bridge the gap between IT and Analytics and ensure your team has the tools to deliver analytics ROI.

Sourcing, hiring, training and retaining analytics talent is difficult.  Possessing the right skills, both technical and analytical, at the right time to deliver analytics value to the business is a constant struggle.  Having a partner that can fill any gap, either by project or monthly, is a requirement.

WebbMason Analytics offers seasoned strategic consultants, platform architects, data engineers, and data scientists through on-demand flex support engagements with the skills to develop strategic use case roadmaps and deliver analytics ROI through reporting, automation, and data science engagements.


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